Gov. Rick Scott Works a Shift at Donut Shop

Gov. Rick Scott Works a Shift at Donut Shop

The governor baked and served customers donuts and listened to picketers at Nicola’s Donuts, following a workday tradition borrowed from former Florida Gov. Bob Graham.

By August 3, 2011 2:41 pm ET

1eb30a145c68e14ce4245bde0fc32f36As part of his first “workday” as governor, Rick Scott was at Nicola’s Donuts, 14390 North Dale Mabry Highway, serving donuts to patrons Wednesday morning.

Scott was reviving the “workday” concept, borrowed from former Florida Gov. Bob Graham, in which the governor spends time working at a local business to better connect with the people of Florida.

Scott even received a positive message from the former governor about continuing his model.

In a news release, Scott’s office quoted Graham as saying, “I commend Governor Scott on his commitment to understanding the hopes and concerns of Floridians by working with them.”

Scott arrived at Nicola’s Donuts ready to work, and Rachel Waatti, the shop’s owner, said that she was happy to have his assistance.

“He did everything. He did the cooking, the dough, and also did the finishing,” Waatti said. “He jumped right in. He used to own a donut shop with his mom. He was a little rusty on the fryer, but overall, he was pretty good, and all the employees and kitchen crew had fun.”

Though Scott was met outside the shop by about two dozen protesters organized through “Pink Slip Rick – We Want Jobs Not Donuts,” an event created on Facebook, he noted the concerns of the picketers.

“People were coming in and talking to him,” Waatti said. “He actually came in before we opened and helped set up and even made coffee. We were glad to have him. It was crazy fun.”



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