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What’s the difference between a cake donut and a yeast donut?

We handcraft three types of donuts daily: yeast, cake and filled. Yeast donuts are light, airy, fluffy yeast-raised donuts, with a slight chew. Our filled doughnuts are yeast based and loaded with a variety of fillings. Cake donuts are leavened with baking powder, and have a texture somewhere near the intersection of a classic birthday cake and a buttery pound cake.


Can I store them in the fridge?
We don’t recommend this. The donuts are best at room temperature and putting them in the fridge can dry them out. Our donuts are made from scratch using only the finest ingredients. They are best enjoyed on the day received.


Do you deliver?

We can provide delivery for a fee.

We do not partner with any third party food delivery services.


When do you usually sell out?

There’s no way of knowing. Some days we sell out, some days we don’t. It depends entirely on people’s interests and the type of day it is.  We recommend ordering the day before to avoid disappointment.


What type of custom orders can you do?

We offer giant donuts, pull-apart donut sheet “cakes” and will work closely with you to create other custom donuts. Check us out on Instagram for ideas.

72 hours advance notice is required on all custom orders.


Do you cater for weddings and special events?

Yes! Please contact us at least 2 weeks in advance. Our minimum for special orders is 2dozen donuts. If you are requesting specific or customized flavors, we require each flavor be at least 1 dozen. Orders must be prepaid in advance.


Can I order online?
We are not accepting online orders at the present moment.  Please contact us by 7 pm to place a next day order


Do you have gift cards?

Yes! We have gift cards in store as well as e-gift cards.

Click Here to purchase gift cards.


Do you ship your donuts?
No. Our donuts are handmade daily and shipping our doughnuts just won’t do them justice.


Do you have Gluten Free donuts?

No. We have limited kitchen space and have no plans to make Gluten Sensitive/Gluten Free donuts.


Do you have vegan donuts?
Yes! Our vegan donuts have no animal products in the dough. They are cooked separately, but in shared oil as other donuts. Please be advised we are not a Certified Vegan facility. There is possibility of cross contamination.


Are your donuts nut-free?

We are not a peanut/tree nut free facility. All our donuts are made on the same equipment and in the same workspace so, unfortunately, there is possibility of cross contamination.

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